Nissan Leaf electric cars from AEP Lanka

AEP Lanka will for the first time launch a 100% electric car of Nissan brand in Sri Lanka from next week.

The car which will be imported by 'AEP Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd' as a reconditioned vehicle direct from Japan will use a revolutionary new technology. The vehicle is also zero of any emissions. Powered by electricity the Nissan Leaf car can be driven for 200 km at a stretch just from a 30 minute charge.

"The car does not need fuel,oil or even water and runs on the battery power. The batteries which are a key component of the vehicle can also be used for around eight years, said Director of AEP Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd, B. Premanand.

He said that they are hand picking these vehicles through qualified technicians directly from auctions in Japan and the vehicles are of high quality.

He said that several leading companies have placed orders to purchase these vehicles since they are economical and could run with fewer overheads. "In addition several customers are also keen to purchase this vehicle for 'home use' since it does not need any fuel."

AEP Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd has been leading vehicle importers from Japan to Sri Lanka, with a good experience and expertise importing cars from Japan and other countries to Sri Lanka winning great reputation.

He said they also have qualified staff for any repairs or to carry out maintenance work on the vehicle. "We are now on the look out to have fuel stations outside Colombo that will be able to maintain charging points for the vehicle." Introduction of a solar power pack is also on the cards.

AEP Lanka has always been a trustworthy and honoured company throughout Sri Lanka for the genuine and reliable service that they provided to their customers in the past years.

"The Leaf is not a hybrid car, it's completely electric, it has no gasoline or diesel powered engine to supplement for power. Electric vehicles (EV's) utilize no fossil fuels, so there are no emissions whatsoever. EV's have no mufflers, no transmission and no fuel tank systems. This would also save money."
B. Premanand and A. G. Wijegunasekera

This car will revolutionize the automobile technology in Sri Lanka," said Director AEP, A. G. Wijegunasekera. "This vehicle is efficient and reliable, winning the following international awards, proving that this is well recognized and wholly dependable." Since electric cars don't have conventional fossil fuel engines (which utilizes internal combustion for power), they run smoother and quieter.

At low speeds, electric vehicles are virtually silent. EV engines have fewer parts, less moving parts which can translate to fewer visits to a garage for repairs over the life of the car. The plug of the car is in the front and can be plugged in to any outlet at home.

More details could be obtained from aeplanka@gmail.com


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